Shipping & Delivery FAQs

Does EEFIND charge a delivery fee?


Yes, we charge a delivery fee for every order starting at ₹ 25. You can also claim a free delivery on your order when you use a coupon.

How much time does it take to get my Delivery?


For all orders, we use third-party logistics partner to deliver the order from the store to your home. The time taken to deliver the order will be notified to you before making the order. Every order takes approx 20 mins to deliver at your home.

Who will ship the products to my home?


Using third-party partner integrated logistics, the delivery partner will arrive at the store location to pick up your order and drop it off at your location.

Can the order be cancelled once shipped?


Yes, there will be a 1 minute window within which any cancellations if required can be done. Beyond that, it will not be possible to cancel an order that is already placed. 

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